Lash Extensions

VoMor Lashes

Get fuller, thicker, longer lashes in as little as 30 minutes! We offer 3 different styles of VoMor lash extensions: Soft, Natural, and Strong. There is a look customizable to everyone’s needs.

Soft Lashes
Natural Lashes
Strong Lashes
Lash Application
$50 per half hour
Soft Lashes$150
Natural Lashes$150
Strong Lashes$150
Lash Application$50 per half hour

Avoid any moisture around the eyes including sweat, water, steam, etc. for 24 hours. Do not rub your eyes while wearing VoMor Lash. Avoid applying oil-based products to your VoMor Lash including: mascaras, makeup removers, and cleansers. Cleanse lashes daily with an oil-free cleanser. Pre-book your maintenance appointment for every 2-3 weeks