Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

An Aveda gift is a must for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t stress out this Valentine’s Day trying to find the perfect gift, Brieshi has you covered.

(Ladies, feel free to send your special guy in for a gift card ūüėČ

Let’s get started with a Stress Fix pedicure for $50. And then add a free gift of Stress Fix soaking salts, And Stress Fix body creme.

The Stress Fix pedicure goes like this….” We¬†Soak your tired feet in our warm bubble bath of Stress Fix aroma. ¬†The Stress Fix soaking salts are sugar and mineral-rich salt infused with an amazing aroma.”

“Then we will begin all of our nail work followed by full leg and feet exfoliation with our sugar and salt scrub. ¬†Our hot steam towels wrapped around your legs and feet will totally unwind you. ¬†Next, you will receive a leg and foot massage with our Stress Fix body lotion. ¬†Last, we will polish your toes with one of our fabulous OPI or Vinlux collections.”

Or if you want to do even better than that….

Try our $70 Stress Fix mani AND pedi combo with the free Stress Fix gift set included!

Add on a Stress Fix chair massage to either of these packages for just $10.

What is Aveda Stress Fix? Ahh, I forgot to mention that Stress Fix is one of my very favorite Aveda products ever!!

 The aroma is proven to relieve feelings of stress. It carries the essence of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms. And is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils.

It’s time to relax!!! If you don’t have a Valentine, treat yourself!! :)



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