April is Earth Month!

Aveda has dedicated a whole month to celebrate the earth. A day was simply not long enough to celebrate this wondrous place of which we dwell :)

Since 1999 the Aveda network and supporters have raised more than $38 million dollars to support organizations that directly affect environmental change, both locally and globally.

April is Earth Month and Brieshi is gladly supporting the cause!

If you donate $5 to Earth Month at Brieshi, you are entered to win a free haircut by the stylist of YOUR choice. Yes, that means your favorite 😉

Donate $20 and you will be entered to win a free color, also with the stylist of YOUR choice. No restrictions or expiration dates!

So… by making a donation to help the earth, you have a shot to win a haircut or color with any stylist that you choose. I would have donated anyway, but it’s much more fun whenever #winning is a possibility!


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your Light The Way candle (only $12) while you’re at Brieshi. 100% of proceeds go towards the Earth Month goal.

Don’t let me forget to mention that this candle is amazing, just like everything Aveda!

Indulge in the rich and spicy aroma of organic vanilla and cinnamon grown in Madagascar.

These candles are only available during Earth Month, so don’t wait! I will have 2, please :)

Light The Way candles have raised more than $9 million in proceeds, which have funded 1,300 grants in 78 countries! That’s impressive.

Clean water is something that we take for granted daily, or at least I do. Many parts of the world do not share that luxury. Your donation can and will make a difference.

So go into Brieshi and make your donation for a chance to win! And don’t forget your Light The Way candle. <3

All donations to Earth Month are greatly appreciated by everyone at Aveda, and the Brieshi Team!





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