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New Talent!!

Brieshi has decided to freshen things up a bit! That’s right, we’ve got NEW TALENT! So what does this mean? This means you will be able to receive the same great Aveda experience at an exceptional price when you book an appointment with one of our Fresh Talent stylists.

Unlike most salons, Brieshi has a 6 month paid apprenticeship program to further train our new stylists once hired at our location. These Fresh Talent stylists are licensed cosmetologists. At Brieshi, we strive for an exceptional experience for all of our clients, which is why we deem it necessary that all stylists participate in our Fresh Talent Program before they become an AVEDA- Brieshi stylist.

As the Fresh Talent stylists take the required AVEDA classes to become Brieshi stylists, they get approved to perform certain services at a discounted rate to our guests. Such as head massages, hot-towel treatments, along with cuts and styling. Not to mention a variety of other services offered at Brieshi. Now that’s a Win Win!

So let me break down the numbers for you. A woman’s haircut for Fresh Talent is $30 and a man’s haircut is $15.  A woman’s shampoo and style is regularly priced at $30 by itself, so therefore the haircut performed by one of our Fresh Talent stylists is technically free. Free is good! Right? 

Brieshi gives the Fresh Talent stylists hands-on experience on skills as they become more proficient in AVEDA techniques and familiarized with the products.  A senior stylist will be readily available to assist the Fresh Talent stylists as needed.

Please book your appointment today with one of these fabulous stylists!  Just because they are new to Brieshi doesn’t mean they are new to doing hair. They are super talented and eager to learn.  This is for a limited time only because they will be moving up to the next level after several months.  So get them while you can…


| Go Shorty |

This is going to be a very hot summer, so adjust your hair accordingly! The popular style we’ve seen in the salon is a short, textured bob! You may have seen some celebrities blazing the short trail, such as Taylor Swift, Lilly Collins, Ciara, Kylie Jenner, Alexa Chung, among others.

A lot of our guests rave about how easy shorter hair is to style and manage. We do have a few products from Aveda that can help achieve the fun, textured look that is so popular!

blog pic 1

Volumizing Tonic: This is one of our most popular products because all hair types can see a difference. It’s a heat-activated styling product, which means that when you spray it on your damp hair (on the crown), it goes into action when you begin blow drying! It adds increased volume and a light hold to last the day.

Defining Whip: Now, this is where the textured, piece-y look is achieved. The defining whip is just what it sounds like, a light whip that adds a messy, yet controlled, look. Scrunch into the ends of your hair and use the excess to work up the hair towards the crown.

Air Control: This is our most popular hair sprays because of its versatility. It’s light, yet provides a workable hold. Use it as a finishing touch for your new bob.

Bring in your pictures or use some of these to show your stylist next time you’re in at Brieshi!

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