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Brieshi is getting a makeover!! We will close Monday, July 3rd, and reopen on Thursday, July 6th.

Due to the overwhelming demand for lashes, by Autumn, we are super excited to announce that Brieshi will be adding a lash and brow bar!

Autumn began her journey, at Brieshi, in 2010. As a licensed cosmetologist, she fell in love with skincare, nails, and waxing treatments. She began taking every education course that Aveda and CND had to offer. In 2015, after an intense training in Las Vegas, Autumn began doing classic lash extensions. In 2016, she took an advanced Volume Lash course, becoming a certified Advanced Volume Lash artist. She is now recognized as one of the most talented lash artists in the state of Arkansas.


We want to show off our progress!! On Thursday, July 6th, we will be giving complimentary brow waxing and lash consults, with any service. If you decide lash extensions are right for you,  we will also be taking $50 off of any lash service!

We hope to see everyone on July 6th, when we reopen with our new Lash and Brow Bar!


April is Earth Month!

Aveda has dedicated a whole month to celebrate the earth. A day was simply not long enough to celebrate this wondrous place of which we dwell :)

Since 1999 the Aveda network and supporters have raised more than $38 million dollars to support organizations that directly affect environmental change, both locally and globally.

April is Earth Month and Brieshi is gladly supporting the cause!

If you donate $5 to Earth Month at Brieshi, you are entered to win a free haircut by the stylist of YOUR choice. Yes, that means your favorite 😉

Donate $20 and you will be entered to win a free color, also with the stylist of YOUR choice. No restrictions or expiration dates!

So… by making a donation to help the earth, you have a shot to win a haircut or color with any stylist that you choose. I would have donated anyway, but it’s much more fun whenever #winning is a possibility!


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your Light The Way candle (only $12) while you’re at Brieshi. 100% of proceeds go towards the Earth Month goal.

Don’t let me forget to mention that this candle is amazing, just like everything Aveda!

Indulge in the rich and spicy aroma of organic vanilla and cinnamon grown in Madagascar.

These candles are only available during Earth Month, so don’t wait! I will have 2, please :)

Light The Way candles have raised more than $9 million in proceeds, which have funded 1,300 grants in 78 countries! That’s impressive.

Clean water is something that we take for granted daily, or at least I do. Many parts of the world do not share that luxury. Your donation can and will make a difference.

So go into Brieshi and make your donation for a chance to win! And don’t forget your Light The Way candle. <3

All donations to Earth Month are greatly appreciated by everyone at Aveda, and the Brieshi Team!





Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

An Aveda gift is a must for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t stress out this Valentine’s Day trying to find the perfect gift, Brieshi has you covered.

(Ladies, feel free to send your special guy in for a gift card 😉

Let’s get started with a Stress Fix pedicure for $50. And then add a free gift of Stress Fix soaking salts, And Stress Fix body creme.

The Stress Fix pedicure goes like this….” We Soak your tired feet in our warm bubble bath of Stress Fix aroma.  The Stress Fix soaking salts are sugar and mineral-rich salt infused with an amazing aroma.”

“Then we will begin all of our nail work followed by full leg and feet exfoliation with our sugar and salt scrub.  Our hot steam towels wrapped around your legs and feet will totally unwind you.  Next, you will receive a leg and foot massage with our Stress Fix body lotion.  Last, we will polish your toes with one of our fabulous OPI or Vinlux collections.”

Or if you want to do even better than that….

Try our $70 Stress Fix mani AND pedi combo with the free Stress Fix gift set included!

Add on a Stress Fix chair massage to either of these packages for just $10.

What is Aveda Stress Fix? Ahh, I forgot to mention that Stress Fix is one of my very favorite Aveda products ever!!

 The aroma is proven to relieve feelings of stress. It carries the essence of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms. And is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils.

It’s time to relax!!! If you don’t have a Valentine, treat yourself!! :)



|A Pure Privilege|

Hello Brieshi guests! My name is Rayna and I have more than likely (and hopefully!) helped make your visit to our salon a little easier, as I work at the front desk. I’ve taken on this blog to entertain and inform you of the inner workings of our salon and the beauty industry alike. Feel free to leave comments and feedback, as we are taking this journey together!

My first item of business is to make sure you are aware of what Pure Privilege is and what a cool opportunity it is for all of you Aveda lovers. We are classified as a “Lifestyle” salon in the Aveda world. So this means, we exclusively sell Aveda products and use these throughout all of the services we provide here. As an incentive for you (besides all the amazing benefits you’ll discover just from the products themselves), Aveda has a rewards program called Pure Privilege. For every dollar that you spend on products, you receive 10 points. You can accumulate these points to earn certificates for free services that we honor here at Brieshi, and also products and opportunities within Aveda. Would you believe that we’ve witnessed a few guests earn trips to Jamaica and many on their way to this year’s option, Antigua? It’s a win-win.

So how do you become involved with Pure Privilege? Easy. Come visit us next time you want to stock up on your products and we’ll get you signed up. The one-time fee of $10 is a small price to pay, especially when Pure Privilege sends you a birthday gift each year and a certificate for “Double Points.” As the name implies, there are a few occasions that you can earn 20 points for every dollar spent! These times include: your sign up day (my tip to you: make sure it’s worthwhile, like when you plan to purchase in bulk), on your birthday, and special weekends throughout the year. It’s all a part of a strategy.

For those of you who have Pure Privilege, come in Mother’s Day Weekend (May 8th-11th) for a Double Points opportunity. Anyone who does not have a membership, when you come in during these days and sign up, you will earn TRIPLE points on your purchases. This is the opportune time if you’re looking for one!

Let me know if you have any questions on this topic. It’s simple really: Buy & Earn. Hopefully, I have inspired you to start planning your trip to Antigua!