Monthly Archives: February 2014

Welcome, Candy!

Brieshi welcomes our new AVEDA Mentor, Candy.  Candy is here to take care of all of your Brieshi and AVEDA needs. Candy’s role at Brieshi as a retail specialist and Brieshi concierge ensures that your experience at Brieshi reflects individualized customer service of the highest level.

When you walk in our doors at Brieshi you will be greeted with a friendly welcome.  Candy is here to make sure you have a memorable experience at Brieshi.  She will offer you a cup of our amazing AVEDA comforting tea.  Let her help you pick out the best products tailor made for your hair.  Go on a sensory journey to design your own fragrance that best suits you.  Stop at our experience table to try one of the AVEDA products we are educating guests about that month. Or stop at the AVEDA makeup counter to try a makeup touch up with one of our new launches.

With all of these complimentary experiences, shopping has never been so much fun!  Our Brieshi team is very excited to have her, so please stop in and meet Candy today.


Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil


Aveda has launched the new Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil.  Everyone has heard of Argan oil and Marrocan oil.  These oils contain silicones which only coat the hair and do not penetrate the hair.  They do not actually repair the hair.  They only give the appearance of moisture and shine until the oil is rinsed out.

The Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil contains no silicones and penetrates the hair to the core moisturizing the hair 41% immediately.  With the hydrating power of the buriti oil, Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil leaves your hair soft and full of shine by only using 2 to 4 drops.

Who needs this product?

Anyone whose hair lacks moisture, who wants more shine, and who wants softer hair.

Do you have thicker, curlier hair?

Use 2 to 4 drops when wet and style as normal.

Throughout the day does your hair need more moisture?

Add 2 drops to your hand and apply to ends.

Do you have thin, fine hair?

Use 1 to 2 drops to ends after your hair is dried.

What ingredients does it have?

Organic Buriti oil has pomegranate, certified organic sunflower and olive oil.

What gives the oil its soothing aroma?

Organic Lavender, Bergamot and Ginger Lily

Visit Brieshi today and receive a sample of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil while supplies last.